Project Name: Milad Tower CHP Plant

  TanirTech Eng. Services Status
  Installation Finished- February 2015

 Eng Design along with




Completed -

September 2014

  Operation March 2015
  Maintenance and Repair March 2015

 Project Specification

  •  Project Category: Commercial consumer
  •  Engine Type: MTU
  •  Electrical Power: 1948 kW
  •  Number of Gensets: 1
  •  Location: Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran

 Project Features



  • The First 25MW DG Power Plant in Iran
  • Located in urban area
  • Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP)
  • Specific engineering design, regarding technical aspects of O&M
  • Connected to TanirTech`s Remote Monitoring and Control Center (RMCC)



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