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tanirtech-workshop Considering the fact that the DG plants are built at the place or near the load of consumption or close by and the wide usage of these plants in generating energy needed for commercial, residential and office buildings in city environments, noise reduction is significant and essential. As a result, besides installation of exhaust silencers at the gas outlets, TanirTech technicians design, build and install inlet and outlet silencers at the generators' room reducing the plants noise levels down to 55 dB (normal noise levels in residential areas).

For these purposes, TanirTech has established a power plant equipment manufacturing workshop in a 2500 square meters of roofed saloon, next to which there is a 100 square meters of office area and 2400 square meters of open area at Shams Abad Industrial Zone.

tanirtech-containerThe products of the manufacturing workshop include:

• Heat recovering modules for the gensets' exhaust and jacket water

• Generator Room Silencer Units

• Containerized DG units up to 1.2 MW of capacity built according to international standards



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