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Generation systems must be reliable, efficient, clean, and safe. They also have to meet the environmental regulations and market needs due to today's rapidly emerging market. With experience in a wide range of planning and undertaking of power projects, TanirTech has always provided its clients with reliable, cost effective energy supply solutions.

According to TanirTech's code of conduct, we collaborate with clients to make sure their distributed energy plans deliver maximum value whilst integrating long-term community benefits which include operational efficiencies, cost savings and commercial sustainability.

TanirTech considers each aspect by combining its strengths in energy strategy, technical and financial feasibility, operational and business case modeling, detailed design, procurement and project management as well as maintenance. With early analysis, we identify the best priliminary solutions before clients commit to complex and costly programs.

TanirTech News

2015/03/18, 12:42
milad-tower-cchpMilad Tower CCHP Milad Tower CHP plant is the first project of CCHP in Tehran which has been completed by Tanir group in...
2014/01/25, 12:42
chp-system-commissioning-and-test-in-hekmat-power-plantCHP System Commissioning and Test in Hekmat Power Plant Along with the completion the heat consumers of Hekmat complex, heat recovering system was...
2012/12/12, 09:07
eramshahr-operation-enERAM SHAHR DG Power Plant: Operation phase begins After initial commissioning tests, the ERAM SHAHR 10 MW DG Power Plant, achieves full commercial...

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